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Cascade Northern

The Cascade Northern route is a fictional, proto-freelanced railroad set somewhere in the Pacific Northwest in an alternate late-2010s to modern day. In this alternate history, the Burlington Northern (BN) and Santa Fe (ATSF) railroads joined into an operational partnership, but maintained some level of regional and business independence. As such, the green-black-white scheme of the BN is still a common sight, while the up-and-coming joint BNSF scheme(s) are growing gradually as the fleet is modernized under joint operations (somewhat akin to real-world Conrail shared asset operations).

The Cascade Northern is a local shortline that operates several secondhand locomotives for small and less-than-car-load traffic while hosting BN/BNSF, Amtrak, and local commuter trains over a variety of trackage rights and operating agreements. A local tourist railroad also runs occasional excursions.

To the south, the sister railroad Cascade Southern operates in the Siskiyou Mountains region, seeing a greater Union Pacific / Southern Pacific influence and related equipment.

A physical incarnation of the Cascade Northern is currently being constructed as a modular N-scale (1:160) model railroad. Please check back later for pictures and updates as the layout progresses.